Code of Ethics

As members in good standing in the New River Valley Home Builder Members Association, Inc. (NRVHBA), we believe in and accept the responsibilities and obligations inherent in providing housing and its related infrastructure. In an effort to fulfill these responsibilities, we pledge to uphold the following objectives:

  • Conduct business affairs with honesty and professionalism
  • Provide the best possible housing value to our customers
  • Use of quality building materials and sound construction practices
  • Use of high standards for safety, sanitation, and livability in housing design and construction
  • To meet all financial obligations in a timely and responsible manner
  • To honor both the spirit and letter of business contracts, and to deal with our employees, subcontractors, and suppliers with integrity and fairness
  • To keep informed regarding policies and other essential information which affect our business interests and those of the building industry as a whole
  • To comply with all local, state and federal laws and regulations relating to the health, safety, and welfare of our customers and employees
  • To use honesty and integrity as the focus of our business policies
  • To provide a prompt response to customer requests for warranty service
  • Seek to resolve disputes through arbitration, negotiation and compromise rather than through litigation
  • To abide by and support the decisions of NRVHBA in promoting and enforcing Code

As evidenced by application for membership, members acknowledge that they have of their own free will adopted these professional standards for use in their business, mindful that this is part of their membership in the NRVHBA.

We believe that home ownership should be within the reach of all Americans and, we believe that by adhering to the principles outlined here, we are supporting that idea

We believe that the free enterprise system is essential to the high standard of living that we enjoy and, we pledge to support our fellow members in NRVHBA and the local, state, and national associations, as well as related industries which strive to preserve the inalienable rights and freedoms which we enjoy.